The Heart of Singing Voice Coach for Clapham, Balham
& South West London


Competitively priced singing lessons and voice coaching in Clapham, Balham and South West London

Merry McCloud is a qualified voice coach and professional singer with over eighteen years experience, based in South West London, who has a unique approach in inspiring confidence in her students.

Singing is about much more than vocal technique and physiology. Unresolved fears, conflicting and unaddressed emotions, and incorrect belief systems can cause as many seemingly vocal issues as the voice itself.

The Heart of Singing benefits those who wish to develop a sound vocal and singing technique by addressing the following:

• Breath control, range and projection
• Vocal tone and expression
• Vocal strength, pitch and flexibility
• Connection between voice and body

The Heart of Singing can prepare you for auditions, recordings, live gigs, public speaking and presentations

• For everyone who wants to use their voice but has never dared to do it
• For everyone who feels their vocal expression and emotions are blocked
• For professionals, therapists and healers, who use the voice as a powerful source of healing and transformation

Children are welcome too. Singing is made easy whatever level you are at, whether you are a singer, actor, poet or complete beginner.

Merry runs a number of different one-to-one vocal courses:

The Creative Voice
This course provides the opportunity to explore and connect with your voice in new and surprising ways, by hearing and feeling the voice differently and seeing where it takes you. You will learn how to use your voice in the most effective way, tailor-made for your individual needs.

Speak with Confidence
In this course, we will explore pitch, range and resonance. You will learn exercises to help you use the natural amplification of your voice more fully. We will also explore a wider and more expressive pitch and range, which will improve your vocal health. This is especially beneficial for teachers and for anyone who is presenting.

Songwriting is a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Students are encouraged to convey their own message through song and develop their material, original or not. This is also a very effective way of finding your true voice.

Performance Technique
Have you ever wondered how some of your favourite performers make it look so easy? On this course, we will look at practical techniques to help you become more confident and to bring your performance to life in front of an audience.

Singing for Health
Improve your health and well-being and increase your energy levels through the use of breath, movement and voice. This bespoke course is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety

Merry offers competitively priced singing lessons and voice coaching in Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Streatham and other areas of South West London

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